First Select Your Product Family:

  For dual frequency output set "Control Pin" (below) to FS and then enter the 2 frequencies.
*All samples will be provided in Bulk. Tape and Reel only for part number reference.
   Edit   Sample Request
   Edit   Sample Request
**DSC partial part numbers will provide link to data sheets, for MX5 full part numbers are required. For sample requests, complete part numbers are required. See data sheet or below format for part number structure:

DSC10xx|xxx|-|xxx.xxxx            MX5xxx|xx|xxxMxxx
DSC11xx|xxx|-|xxx.xxxx            MX5xxx|xx|xxMxxxx

DSC60xx|xxx|A-|xxx.xxxx         DSC60xx|xxx|A-|xxxKxxx (if kHz)
DSC61xx|xxx|A-|xxx.xxxx         DSC61xx|xxx|A-|xxxKxxx (if kHz)

DSC60xx|xxx|A-|**** (if FS)
DSC61xx|xxx|A-|**** (if FS)